About Me


As a wife and a busy mom of two, I find myself often prepared to anticipate the worst and hope for the best every day. There is a strong correlation between this life provoked mentality, and my design sense.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been obsessed with “details”.
Things that others would normally overlook, are the very things that attract my attention. 
It's these "details" that are vital when creating spaces that are both comfortable and inviting.

Designing your home should be an exciting and collaborative effort, not taxing or intimidating. 
Updating your home usually comes with a sizable investment, so why take the financial and emotional gamble and chance disappointment when you can consult a professional?

Do you need help bringing your vision to life?

Thanks for stopping by!

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After two years of living and traveling abroad, my husband and I moved into our first suburban home kid free.  We, or rather I, could not wait to jump into the redesigning process ...which in truth, started well before the moving trucks even arrived!

Fast forward 7 years and two kids later, we have pretty much renovated most of our house including a full kitchen renovation, deck addition, and full basement remodel. Oh and lets not forget about the not so satisfying things that needed replacing. We can skip that list.
I will be the first to tell you, home projects no matter how large or small can be disruptive, taxing, stressful and reek total havoc on your household not to mention, bank account!
Needless to say, there's nothing that gives me more pleasure than transforming a space.

Since starting my business in 2016, I have established many trusted relationships with local contractors, sub-contractors, trade vendors, seamstresses and workrooms. Having these connections when working on a home is essential in creating a successful experience.

Visualizing a space does not come naturally to many, nor does bringing it to life. 
Let me take the guess work out of your project so you can focus on enjoying your home to its fullest each and every day!

 - Nadia

When designing spaces, I like to mix the old with the new. Incorporating sentimental pieces of art, accessories or an adored antique, brings personality to a home in a way that evokes a welcoming spirit.
I often anchor a room with timeless versatile pieces.  Accessories can easily be swapped when trends or tastes change, but quality sofas and custom window treatments should always withstand the test of time. 

Combining different patterns and textures is essential as decor should appeal to ALL of our senses. 


 Absolutely! The key to a successful design is transparency and collaboration. We work within your comfort zone. Some clients prefer to be heavily involved in each phase of their project while others want to take a back seat.  Either way, together we will come up with the style that works best for you!

Will I be able to give my input during the Design process?

We provide a luxury service with an affordable price tag.  We work with diverse clientele and bring a wealth of knowledge & value to each project. 
No matter how small or large your home or project, we offer many services and are committed to transforming your home into a place you both love AND can afford! 

Can I afford a designer?

1.) Investment  Many projects can be costly, so give them dedicated attention by hiring a professional to get them done right.

2.) Vision:  We have the unique ability to see the overall vision & will provide a comprehensive approach that will ensure all the details are married together flawlessly. 

3.) Schedule: Project managing is time consuming.  Hiring a designer to plan, shop and schedule will leave you with more time to enjoy the activities you love

4.)  Budget:  We have a good sense of project costs & can advise on where to save and when to splurge. 

Why hire a designer?

Our vast product knowledge along with our trusted list of trade vendor and contractor relationships, allow us to provide real estimates on costs so that we can prepare a budget you can feel confident about committing too. 

What if I'm not sure what to budget for?

With so many creative ideas and amazing vendors out there, I am forced into pacing myself.  I'm constantly trying to out-do myself so in a sense,
I'm my own biggest competitor! 

Since every project is different, I am always learning new things and taking greater risks. I guess my years in financial services taught me a valuable lesson;
The greater the risk, the greater the return! 

I learn something new every day!